Customized and Predictable Pricing

Intellectual property problems are notoriously complex and costly. They can unfold in unexpected ways that strain legal budgets and create uncertainty around the value of an ongoing legal investment.

At Avantech, we believe that concerns about budgeting and financial forecasting should never be a barrier to accessing top-tier legal representation. That's why we developed innovative, customizable fee structures designed to provide predictability across a wide range of legal matters, including complex patent litigation. Our expertise and strategic approach empower us to confidently and accurately predict the cost of our legal services. Once we establish the scope of work, we commit to a guaranteed cost, ensuring that your project is brought to completion within the agreed budget.

Highlighted below are several of the predictable fee arrangements we offer. Tailored to meet your specific needs, our pricing models are crafted to deliver unparalleled value and certainty in pricing, enabling you to pursue your objectives while safeguarding your financial interests.