Customized and Predictable Pricing

Intellectual property problems are often associated with significant cost. IP is increasingly expensive to obtain, enforce, and defend against. Moreover, IP matters can unfold in unexpected ways that strain legal budgets and create uncertainty around the value of an ongoing legal investment.

At Avantech, we don’t want budgeting and forecasting concerns to stand in the way of obtaining high-quality legal representation. We offer innovative and customizable fee structures that offer predictability for all types of matters, including complex patent litigation. Our experience and approach allow us to confidently and accurately predict the cost of legal services. After we define the scope of work, we will guarantee the cost to see that work to completion.

Below are just a few of the predictable fee structures we offer. We can customize an arrangement based on your needs that will provide unmatched value and pricing certainty, so that you can achieve your goals and protect your bottom line.