William served as lead trial counsel for Wasica in a patent case involving tire pressure monitoring systems. A jury found Schrader liable for both induced and contributory infringement, and awarded Wasica $31.2 million in damages. The jury win ultimately led to a $43 million judgment. He successfully obtained summary judgment of IPR estoppel on invalidity grounds based on a physical product, which was the first ruling of its kind.

William led the damages team and served as trial counsel for GlaxoSmithKline in a patent case involving methods of treating heart failure patients with carvedilol. In June 2017, a jury found Teva liable for willful infringement, found GSK’s patent valid, and awarded $235 million in damages.

William served as lead trial counsel for defendant Halo Electronics in a patent case involving Ethernet connectors. After an invalidity trial on obviousness resulted in a hung jury, Halo obtained a favorable cross-license for its patents in another pending case.

William acted as co-lead counsel for defendant Ocean Spray in a patent infringement action involving a method of making food products. He obtained summary judgment of non-infringement that was later affirmed by the Federal Circuit.

William Woodford obtained numerous licenses to patent portfolios covering nucleic acids, proteins, polypeptides, and antibodies used to develop ALK and JAK inhibitors.

Mr. Woodford obtained more than a dozen licenses on a patent portfolio covering PGC-1 nucleic acid, protein and antibody compositions, as well as methods for detecting PGC-1 in biological samples.

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